Scaling the Heights 28-01-2021

Is there anything quite as satisfying as Dragon slaying? After the Mammoth task of Tantor, we set about the remaining Claws of Veeshan Tier One events, Zlandicar and Klandicar. Having had no practice in beta, we were winging it at first but managed to fire ourselves up for the wins.

Dragons down, tier one down.

Do you want to be part of the BIGGEST EQ guild playing and raiding on euro times? Want to be part of a friendly, social and active guild which also raids the latest content?

Ancient Dominion is the only non-hardcore raiding guild on the Antonius Bayle server.

New and returning players welcome!

Interested? Please check out our forum or get in touch in with Wewere or Seeker or any other officer online.

Posted by: Gaol

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